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Architecture is the answer and project is the medium through which intuition transforms into concrete reality.

Team : Experience and Business Creation
DATE : 2020 - 2021
CATEGORY : DESIGN and growth
Experience and Business Creation
2020 - 2021
Design and Growth


Architectural Design | Strategic Planning

FITT is a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic fluid transfer systems.

For 50 years, it has been designing and manufacturing pipes and conduits featuring the most advanced technological solutions to provide customers and end users with reliability, safety and performance.

Architecture has always been a communication tool. In order to celebrate human events, throughout history architects have always been spokesperson of the civilization in which they were requested to be its representative by materializing its splendor and strengthening its ambitions.

Such unique architectures are named after great economic and industrial events or distinguished people of production and economy fields.

One of these colossuses is FITT Group. It is a leading company in the manufacture and development of the most innovative fluid transfer solutions for domestic, professional and industrial applications. It is an international excellence with an Italian heart based on a solid tradition of continuous research, technological innovation and social commitment.

After 50 years, FITT keeps on looking ahead by giving the opportunity to architecture to express its values, mission and goals. Through this call, the architects had the opportunity to present their own vision of future workspace. In this place, leadership, progress and corporate identity shall be transformed into architectural shapes to become an international reference in workplace architecture.

FITT host a center to become the symbol of modernity and progress. The corporation’s community will meet to develop intuitions and research in a new complex designed to amaze and inspire. Such center will compete with the most innovative headquarters of the international scenario to forge a future of wealth, sustainability and innovation.


Waters, willows and countryside are the key elements of the lands of Vicenza. This corner of Italy used to be a delightful place for the Venetian aristocracy and the families that had better served the Serenissima Republic of Venice in its heyday.

The fascination and calm of this place have nothing to do with the contemporary civilization. This is the cradle of late Renaissance and Neoclassicism. It is the birthplace of distinguished authors and artists. They masterfully took the baton of an ancient tradition that is now vivid and vibrant in Antonio Canova’s and Andrea Palladio’s works of art. Indeed, Vicenza and its hinterland were the atelier of the architect that more than any other – after Vitruvius– was able to influence the Western mindset and aesthetics. The Basilica Palladiana, the Palazzo del Capitaniato, the Teatro Olimpico are some of the masterpieces the city is scattered with. As stars of a magnificent firmament such architectures twinkle at the center of a diffused system of villas which countryside is their best frame and completion. The area of Vicenza is internationally renowned for its excellent jewelry-making and goldsmithing. However, this place is not just about memory and tradition.

The transition from one era to another has always been so fundamental and so fast that sometimes it is indistinguishable. In this challenge of transitioning to the age of knowledge, “work” becomes more of a social action than ever. Since more than ever, human life is defined in a flat structure, with unlimited growth, with concepts such as dedifferentiation, multiplicity, and deterritorialization, highlight the importance of event and social interaction.

In “Basilico” by using economic, spatial-activity, environmental and infrastructure development capacities, we believe in the integrity and multiplicity of the project. And making the homogeneity and multiplicity of the project as a tool for FITT`s global and local development.

Regarding this fact, making a suitable place for work has become the focus of gathering different cultural groups in order to help the development of public spaces in the region by dynamizing the economic cycle of this company.

MINE Team in this project: Saghar Yazdani, Mohamad Ebrahimi, Hannan Abagheri, in collaboration with Yegane Yektaeian