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Zagross Food Industry

Zagross Food Industry

The gift of Zagross; For everyone and for today’s life

The mother of this vast plain is Zagross, which has embraced us in the infinite sky.

tEAM : Expression, Experience and Business Creation
DATE : 2023
CATEGORY : DESIGN and growth
Zagros Food
Expression, Experience and Business Creation
Design and Growth
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Corporate Identity Design | Interior Design | Packaging Design | Brand Architecture


” Zagross Food Industry Group” is an experienced and long-standing business in the food industry that carries out extensive activities in the field of airport catering, supermarket products, pizza and burgers, as well as Zagros artichokes. This group has been able to gain a special position over the years by focusing on quality and providing valuable products from natural resources.


The visual identity of ” Zagross Food Industries” as a representative of nature and a forgiving mother is concerned with providing the best and freshest products to its customers.

The color palette chosen for “Zagross” is inspired by the soil. These colors not only represent the stability and power of nature, but also reflect various beauties of these plains and mountains. Sandy and gray colors show a deep connection with the soil and its characteristics. The green color used in the color palette represents the beauty of the plants and vegetation of this region.

The use of these colors instills feelings of being alive, freshness, stability, beauty and value of nature in the audience.

The symbol that refers to motherhood and support is displayed in all the elements of this brand. A loving and protective embrace indicates guarding and care; A deep connection between the products and concerns of “Zagross” which reminds the health and quality of the products.

The patterns and shapes used in the design of visual elements are a reflection of the mountain scenery and natural streams of the Zagros Mountain range. These patterns, show the sense of stability and beauty of nature and refer to topics such as food, agricultural products and natural elements, by using lines inspired by hills and mountain peaks, .

Zagross Pizza is one of the brands of the Zagross Food Industry Group, which is active as fast-food restaurant chains. This brand tries to offer its customers a pleasant and special pizza experience by offering quality and diverse products.

Pizza Zagross offers a wide variety of items. It also tries to satisfy customers with quick service and a friendly environment in its restaurants.

The counter, which is designed in the shape of a mountain range, is an attractive and different tool to display Zagross Cafe, which has created a connection between this brand and the natural concept and beauty of the mountain range by its design.

Designing the counter in the form of a mountain range is inspired by the lines and curves that are naturally present in the mountain range and its peaks. The counter has multiple surfaces designed with curves, hills, and slopes reminiscent of mountain topography. The colors used for this counter are closely related to nature and mountains.

The crescents on the top of the wall of the counter’s back are shelves that fit the needs behind the counter and are a symbol of the sky and the sun. At the same time, it conveys feelings of freedom, purity and development to customers, and in terms of design, it gives more space and a deeper connection to the counter.

MINE team for this project: Saghar Yazdani, Hannan Abaghri, Mohamad Ebrahimi

MINE team for this project: Saghar Yazdani, Hannan Abaghri, Mohamad Ebrahimi